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Membership Contracts

Alaska is one of the few states without a health club consumer protection statute.

Pre-opening Payment Restriction: N/A

Maximum Length of Contract: N/A

Contract Cancellation Provisions:

  • Cooling-off Period: N/A
  • Member Moves: N/A
  • Club Relocation: N/A
  • Member Disability/Death: N/A

Automatic Renewal: No apparent restrictions.

State Mandated Contract Language: N/A

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Registration (Are clubs required to register with the state's consumer protection agency?)




Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Requirements

There is no law mandating AEDs in health clubs. Alaska law protects individuals from liability in AED use situations. These protections do not extend to non-use situations.

State Sales Tax on Dues

Not applicable. There is no sales tax in Alaska. It is estimated that it would cost each club in Alaska approximately $18,000 per year if the proposed sales tax was applied to health clubs (based on industry research).

Locker Room Privacy

Alaska does not have a public accommodations law and does not provide protection on the basis of gender identity.

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Alaska law specifically allows for the existence of women-only health clubs.

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